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The "full circle" approach to wellness


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Full Circle Wellness follows the Kinesiology principle! For optimal health, there needs to be an equal balance of our three wellness elements: structural, chemical & mental

Based in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa, Full Circle Wellness offers a holistic therapy approach

We offer fitness training, Kinesiology assessments & nutritional advice

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Full Circle Wellness offers the following services:


Full Circle Wellness offers group fitness classes, with each session focusing on a combination of strength training & cardio-vascular improvement. Special emphasis is placed on functional training principles, incorporating the methods of Pilates, isolation training & balance work.

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Nutrition is more than just eating healthy foods– nutrition is not what we eat, but what our cells and tissues actually receive. Full Circle Wellness offers consultations that provide nutritional guidelines to support optimal health & healing.

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Specialised Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to work with what may be causing ‘imbalances’ in the body. When we are under stress, either mentally, emotionally or physically, our body talks to us through symptoms or "dis-ease".

How can Kinesiology help you?

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Healthy & Nutritional Recipes:

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Easy Low-Carb Tuna Bake

This one is a Full Circle Wellness staple in our house - quick and easy to make, low carb and nutritious! Adapted from a Jessica Sepel recipe!

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Halloumi Salad | PLANT BASED & LOW CARB

This quick, simple, tasty & satisfying salad is a plant-based favourite in our household on a week night!!

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