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What is Kinesiology?

by Claire, 1 month ago

When we are under stress, either mentally, emotionally or physically, our body talks to us through symptoms or "dis-ease".

Symptoms are messages from the body telling us that something is out of sync.

In Western Medicine, these symptoms are often treated without addressing the underlying cause of the illness - ultimately, only healing part of the body but not necessarily the root of the problem.

Your body is literally talking to you - and Kinesiologists listen! Kinesiology treats the whole person to find out what is behind the symptoms!


What to expect from a kinesiology session:

During the first session your Kinesiologist will take a full medical and lifestyle history and work with you to identify and address your specific individual concerns and areas causing stress.

Assessments are made using gentle manual muscle response testing where the Kinesiologist seeks to identify imbalances which may be contributing to the client's loss of health and well-being, and ways to restore balance. Clients are fully clothed.

The Kinesiologist will ask you to place your arms, legs or head into specific positions and then apply a light pressure against the muscle that is being tested.

Based on biofeedback from the muscle test, you and the Kinesiologist can identify exactly what your body is telling you and devise a treatment plan. Suggestions and advice may include incorporation of foods, nutritional supplements, relaxation and other techniques, lifestyle changes and more.

During a session there are energy shifts that occur as well as new insights and clearer understanding. Sometimes these changes are felt immediately – less pain, feeling relaxed, feeling happier – sometimes it may take a day or two for the changes to become noticeable.


Kinesiologists are not doctors and as such they do not diagnose or treat diseases unless they are licensed to do so. They work with what the client wants to achieve or change and refer to licensed medical practitioners if required.


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