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Corporate Wellness in South African SMEs

by Claire, 2 years ago

My friend Amy-Jane Louw recently wrote an excellent article called Three Innovative Ways to Reduce Staff Turnover. I’ve included a link to the article here, as it serves as a nice basis for my own post.

I think Amy-Jane really has hit a poignant note with this article – Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are the driving force behind countries like South Africa, and it is really important that these companies realise the value of their staff, given that they are functioning at such a small capacity.

Small companies often have small teams, who have to juggle a multitude of different tasks and skills on a daily basis. These multi-skilled team players soon become an invaluable part of the company structure and more and more responsibility is placed on these employee’s shoulders.

SMEs need to realise that they need to take better care of their staff’s wellness needs, offer competitive packages in terms of remuneration or benefits (flexi-hours/childcare) etc. as well as focus on their employees well-being (and not just what they can get out of them!) to prevent their staff from burning out and resigning – leaving a big gap in a small team.

Employees and their employers spend a third of their waking hours at their place of work and it is crucial that steps be taken by the employer to consider employee wellness on all levels. Happy and healthy employees mean less sick leave, less reluctance to work over-time when necessary and an all-round happy and functioning team. And that in turn can lead to better profits!

Full Circle Wellness offers a comprehensive corporate wellness package, including lifestyle and wellness assessments for each employee, and personalised programmes to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Full Circle Wellness can also offer guidance on organisational restructuring and meditation between employees to ensure that both parties are achieving mental, physical and spiritual wellness at work.

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