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by Claire, 6 months ago

Just an update regarding my thoughts on physical classes vs online classes now we are downgrading to Level 1:

– Under Level 1, Gyms are allowed to operate at 50% capacity – my capacity in the hall is 16 people, which I usually reach in Oct/Nov – this means that only 8 people would be allowed to train in the hall at the same time, meaning 50% of you would not be able to attend the same time slot the usually do
– Under Level 1, you need to keep 1.8m distance apart from each other – this proves almost impossible in any layout in the hall
– The protocol and rules regarding mask wearing and exercise at the moment are extremely confusing – we would be placed in a situation where some people wanted to exercise without masks and others would not feel comfortable exercising in an environment where others are not wearing masks – this would create discomfort for everyone involved
– The in-depth sterilization of shared gym equipment would remain a hygiene and time-consuming issue for a small business owner like me (in pre-covid19 times, this took me 15mins prior to each class, in post-covid times it would be at least 30min for each class, this equates to an extra 2hrs of work a day for me!)
– Given I see 75 different people a week in a high-risk gym environment, and Warren’s work in the retail sector (and currently as it stands, I am the only one of the Full Circle Wellness Team to have had “flu” in the past 6 months) – I remain a high risk factor as a “super-spreader” – and I can’t have that on my conscious knowing that I potentially made any of you sick !

I continue to pay rental at the hall for when we can return to physical classes (hopefully soon) – at the same time, I know many of you are enjoying the convenience of online classes as well – I have made the decision that irrespective of what happens with our physical classes in the future – our online, interactive zoom classes are here to stay! 🙂 I will send out a survey closer to the decision day so I can get a feeling of what the majority of clients want to do, but there will continue to be online options available going forward in the future (what a wonderful and unexpected outcome of 2020!!!)

I hope I continue to have your support in this matter – the health of you and your families are my greatest concern!
Love & Light,
Claire xx

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