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by Claire, 1 month ago

Why brave the cold outdoors or feel shy about going to the gym, when with @fullcirclewellness360 you can get healthy, strong & fit in your own (warm) home! (under the judgemental gaze of your cat, of course!!)

Full Circle Wellness offers interactive, online fitness sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home - you still feel accountable to yourself, the trainer and the rest of the group class plus you'll get posture correction, personalised modifications for your injuries & and you don't have to worry about parking, privacy or leaving the house!! It's a WIN WIN!

Get fit with Full Circle Wellness and Group Fitness Classes this Winter! Sign up for a FREE CLASS @ www.fullcirclewellness.co.za #linkinbio

Thanks to @nickie_lou2 for making this awesome video of her outdoor gym set-up!!! Amazing! Also, Chucky the Cat is on my payroll, don't worry!

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