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The Sugar Debate

I am currently completing an international “Food as Medicine” course – the UK lecturers used the term “free sugars” to describe the kind of sugars that we need to limit/avoid – with Banting/Keto/Paelo all being such hot topics, most of us are confused by which sugars to eat (fruit?) and which to not! Read More

by Claire, 4 months ago

Decoding a Food Label

We all know we should read the back of food labels before we consume a product, but how many of us actually know when a food item is really considered “low fat” or “high in fibre” (or do we just believe the label when it says so?) I’ve put together a summary on the most Read More

by Claire, 4 months ago

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many of us experience the “Winter Blues,” depression, the desire (and sometimes the act) of wanting to eat an entire pocket of potatoes and generally not feeling ourselves – for most us, these are symptoms are indicative of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. (so yes, it’s not just you!) What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Read More

by Claire, 4 months ago

Become a Morning Person (or setting good habits for a great day, which makes an awesome week, which turns into an amazing month, which becomes an incredible year that creates an amazing life!)

I know the title is long – but ultimately, it really is what happiness can boil down to – making and keeping good habits! I recently flipped through a copy of the July 2018 edition of Fair Lady magazine (not my usual reading but there was nothing else in the doctor’s lounge) – and there Read More

by Claire, 4 months ago

Cravings Decoded

I love this info-graph from FreeForm Fitness about cravings! Read More

by Claire, 4 months ago

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