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Kinesiology is for dogs too!

This weekend I participated in a “Happy Hounds” @kinesiologycollegesa Kinesiology Course, where I was taught how to apply my human kinesiology training to relieve physical, mental & emotional stress from man’s best friend! Hosted by Jess at @boston_and_company at her dog behavioural studio in Hout Bay, over the past 3 days we worked with a variety of dogs that showed varying levels of stressors (ok, when I say “worked” I actually mean cuddled!!) Big shout out to Mike for showing us some invaluable dog training tips when working with our new furry clients! Read More

by Claire, 1 year ago

Kinesiology for our furry friends!!!!

Getting prepared for the #happyhounds #kinesiology workshop next weekend!! So excited to take my existing kinesiology skills and learn how to apply them to help our furry friends improve their physical, emotional & spiritual wellness! Read More

by Claire, 1 year ago

An important reminder.......

Any kinesiology client of mine that has used the Full Circle Wellness bathroom in my kinesiology studio knows just how excited I am about this new decor addition!! 😅😂 While you sit and take a wee, you get an important reminder about how our mental wellbeing can impact our physical body!! ❤️ Read More

by Claire, 1 year ago

END OF YEAR OF NECK & SHOULDER TENSION? Try these stretches!! 

As the end of the year approaches, I find many of my clients start to experience shoulder pain, back-ache, headaches, niggles and discomfort - these are often message from the body telling us to SLOW DOWN!!! Read More

by Claire, 1 year ago

Summer has officially arrived and we have moved our 6am Sunrise Fitness Classes outside!!

It's a magical way to start the day watching the sun come up and hearing the birds sing!! Whoop, Whoop! Bring on Summer!! Read More

by Claire, 1 year ago

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How can the "full circle" approach to wellness help you find balance?

Through non invasive & proven methods, Full Circle Wellness will help you balance the 3 elements of wellness - Mental, Chemical & Structural. Optimal health begins with balance!

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