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Marathon Music Inspiration

My good friend Stacey is running the Knysna Marathon coming up in July (for more info on this race and the associated Knysna Oyster Festival, check out the website here). She has asked all her friends to help motivate her with her marathon training and I’d thought I’d share this lovely motivational tip with our Read More

by Claire, 2 years ago

Question: how do I get rid of tummy fat?

One of our Facebook followers posted this question on our page: “How do I get rid of some tummy fat. I weigh less than when I got married but I still have belly rolls. Yes, I have had 3 kids and am genetically apple shaped. Should I give up or is there a way?” Read More

by Claire, 2 years ago

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How can the "full circle" approach to wellness help you find balance?

Through non invasive & proven methods, Full Circle Wellness will help you balance the 3 elements of wellness - Mental, Chemical & Structural. Optimal health begins with balance!

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